Copper Outdoor Shower

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There’s nothing classier than taking a shower in your own backyard – that is, if you’re using something other than a hose. Made from polished copper complemented by smooth cement, the Aquart Outdoor Shower from Seletti is a highly functional and elegant way to enjoy one of life’s simplest pleasures. A reduced vertical cane shape protrudes from the cylindrical base for a design that is unobtrusive yet undeniably chic, while subtle accents like a classic industrial red knob allude to its vintage inspiration. Minimal yet striking, the Aquart Outdoor Shower may be the final touch you need to complete that dream beach get-away, garden, or even your own backyard.

Since 1964 Seletti has been using enthusiasm, passion, humor and irony to create items that (R)evolutionize design ideals. With a nostalgic charisma the Aquart Outdoor Shower fits perfectly in the garden or by the pool. Easy to install the graceful copper neck extends from a concrete base and is set with a shower head inspired from old bathroom fittings. Concrete base provides stability for the copper shower head.

  • Design Country: Italy
  • Material: Copper, Concrete
  • Dimensions: 90.6" H x 18.5"D
    • 1" Pipe
    • .75" Water Inlet
    • 9" Diameter Base
    • 6.75" Diameter Shower Head