The Unearthed Garden - Hose Pots

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The stunning, understated hose holder.

Designed to tame the most unruly garden hose, the Unearthed Garden Hose Pot introduces form to function in a simple, stylish, tidy hose reel solution.

No more tantrums about the tangled hose, no kinks to chink your watering calm, no more grimy green hose to spoil your garden vista.

The Hose Pot is 500mm in diameter with an inner cone to neatly coil a hose around. A discreet hole at the base lets your hose protrude and connect to your garden tap.

Unearth your inner ‘tidy’ and enhance your garden aesthetic with our stunning Hose Pot.




520mm (width) x 390mm (height).

Each pot has 4 small holes drilled in the base to drain away any excess water or rainwater.


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